Ping-Pong, Isaac Blessings, and Psalm 69

If I had to describe what this past year has been like, I could sum it up in one phrase. Ping-Pong. Our year has been full of Isaac Blessings and trials like that of Psalm 69. This year has been crazy, to say the least. In March, we welcomed our beautiful little girl into this … Continue reading Ping-Pong, Isaac Blessings, and Psalm 69

Bless Your Heart

“Bless your heart”, “Your hands are full”, “God love ‘em”, “Are they all yours”, “Oh! Lord, not me”, “You are super mom”, “You’re braver than I”, “You are my hero”, “I applaud you”, “OH! NO” are all common phrases uttered by women of varying ages when they see me in a store with my children. … Continue reading Bless Your Heart