Fifth grade. That is a grade I will never forget. That is the grade I chose to cheat almost an entire school year. That is the grade that changed my life forever. That is the one mistake that I wish I could go back and change. Do you ever wish you could go back and … Continue reading Erased

A Youth Pastor’s Wife Has Tik Tok!?!

Yup.  I do. I recently signed up for Tik Tok after a photography mentor suggested it for increased exposure to clients in your area. I had heard a lot about Tik Tok from our teens, but didn't really know that much about it. I thought it was mainly dancing and silly challenges. And BOY was … Continue reading A Youth Pastor’s Wife Has Tik Tok!?!

I Surrender All

Three simple words. Three simple words that have changed the way I think drastically. Three simple words. “I. Surrender. All.” We sing “I surrender all” just like every good Christian should. We even say that we mean it- and maybe we think we do. But the fact is. Do we? Do we really surrender all? … Continue reading I Surrender All