First Impressions Count

What was the first impression you had of your spouse? Do you remember?

I remember that my first impression was that he was really annoying and that I wished he would go away.

He said his first impression of me was that he loved me at first sight and knew he was going to marry me.

I know, two wildly different first impressions. I’ve had fun throughout my life asking people what their first impression of me was. Some answers have included:

  • I thought you were really sweet and I wanted to become your friend.

I like that one, but,  I have also gotten ones like this:

  • I thought you were really snobby because your nose sticks up and you cross your arms.

Ummm… wow. I have had people tell me they wouldn’t talk to me because they thought I was mean since I cross my arms at my chest all of the time. What was just a comfortable way of standing for me turned out to be giving people a very wrong impression of myself. This is how I’ve learned that first impressions really do matter.

So, have you thought about the first impression you make when people meet you? Is it a good one? I hope so!

What about your house? What is the first impression people think of when they see your house?

I recently moved to a new city and house. And let me tell you, first house impressions matter too. As we were driving along, there were a few houses that my husband and I said an automatic “no” to just because of the outside of the house. And then, there were the houses we fell in love with just because they were so welcoming.

The house that we eventually fell in love with and bought had these cute planters outside and a wreath on the front door. I found that whenever I saw a house with a wreath, then I was more willing to go inside the house.

So, what is your house’s first impression? Do people look at your house and think that it is welcoming and safe or do people look at it and want to run away?

Just a few small touches can make your house a welcoming and safe environment.

One such way is to invest in a wreath for your house. I know, I know, wreaths at the store are so expensive. You either get one that looks really fake or you spend $60-$100 for one that is what you like.

Or you can get one from First Impressions. Just like the name implies, you can get quality wreaths and decor from First Impressions without the huge price tag.



Megan Hoffman started First Impressions in 2018 with the goal of making a little extra money for her family. She is a homeschooling mom to three little ones and a wife to a youth pastor in Central Pennsylvania. She always loved home decor and had an eye for trendy and fashionable items.


Megan not only makes affordable decor, but she also committed to excellence. First Impression’s wreaths are well made with every item wired on so you will be able to enjoy them for many years. Megan’s goal is to create affordable and beautiful wreaths that make people feel welcome from the second they ring your doorbell. 



So, if you need to overhaul your house’s current first impression or just need a change for a new season, head on over to First Impression’s to find the perfect new wreath for your home.

If you like what you see and want to check out more, head over to First Impression’s

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